Welcome to Learning Lounge 

The Learning Lounge Approach

    Learning Lounge is a student-centered environment focused on creating individual approaches for academic growth and success. We understand that every student learns differently, and there is no cookie cutter for the mind. Small class sizes allow our skilled tutors to work with heightened focus and flexibility, giving each student the time required to forge a path to success.

What We Offer:


     Our comprehensive Golden Apple SAT Program ensures the best possible scores for students at every ability level. The Learning Lounge Approach seeks to create a perfectly harmonized learning environment in classes tailored around the strengths of each student, so every student gets the most from our program.



     A Mirror Class is a highly effective retention strategy designed to reflect and supplement precisely what students are learning in their daily classrooms. In Mirror Classes students receive real-time feedback, addressing any specific challenges they are facing. School and subject-specific classes meet weekly and are led by skilled tutors familiar with CVHS' curriculum and pace. Students at Learning Lounge don't just survive at school; they thrive and find their best selves.

Text CVLL to 95577 for a free Mirror Class or SAT Seminar